How to Draw a Flower Easy and Simple Step by Step – Tulip

June 4, 2017 By SatyamMJ 0

    Today I am going to do a tutorial on How to Draw a Flower (Tulip) and in this tutorial am going to show you very very easy and simple method step by step which will blow your mind, this tutorial is an easy drawing hack of how to draw a flower easily and simple.

    How to Draw a Flower Tulip

                                           What are flowers mean to you? You can relate flowers as a way of expressing your feelings and communicative languages in this world. 
    The flower symbolizes joy and happiness. Gifting flowers to love one defines the way of expressing happiness however some flower-like rose are symbols of love specially red roses.

    Flowers learn us several things and place solutions to our crises and issues, however, they’re still absent from our mind.

    Learn flowers tutorial:-

    Drawing flowers is quite a very easy task. 

    Isn’t it??

    This is a very simple, easy and step by step drawing tutorial. You just have to follow some easy steps below.

    Step 1

    Draw a circle.

    How To Draw a Flower

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    Step 2

    Draw a curve line.

    How to Draw a Flower Tulip

    Step 3

    Now draw petals.

    How to Draw a Flower simple

    Step 4

    Sketch the rough lines for leaves

    How to Draw a Tulip

    Step 5

    Thicken the leaves and stalk.

    How To Draw a Flower easily

    Step 6

    Draw the lines in petals and leaves.

    How to Draw a Flower Tulip easy

    Step 6

    Now color the petals.

    How to Draw a Flower

    Step 7

    Color the stem and leaves.

    How to Draw a Flower Tulip step by step

    Step 8

    Outline the whole figure.

    How To Draw a Flower

    Step 9

    After some finishing… 
    It’s Done!!!
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    How to Draw a Flower Tulip

    Tips and Conclusion: 

    When drawing a flower(Tulip) on paper, draw remark lines lightly so you can erase them more easily. Make the figure lines more distinct to serve as a conductor to link them in before coloring.

    This Tutorial is on How to Draw a Flower(Tulip) easy step by step on paper for kids and advance, I hope you got all the steps and always practice it so you don’t mess up with the drawing and keep practicing on this tutorial. 

    I hope you like this tutorial and will appreciate it and if you have any queries regarding anything related to drawing and this post, contact me or comment below in the comment box.