How to Draw a Girl in a Dress – 7+ Quick Easy Step by Step

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Today I am going to teach you How to Draw a Girl in a Dress. It is a quick, step by step, easy, and simple drawing tutorial for kids, beginners, and intermediates. So, Just follow the steps below.

    how to draw a girl in a dress step by step

    Important Note: 

    Previously was so you may often saw watermark on some of the images. And I’m really sorry about that.

    A Girl is a female human from birth through childhood and youth to the realization of maturity when she becomes a perfect girl(women).

    Do you know!!! 

    The English word girl come into view during the Middle Ages between 1250  and 1300 CE and came from the Anglo-Saxon word Gerle.

    How I came to draw a girl like this oneMy examination is on my head and after deep study and preparation for my examination, I got frustrated. I was sitting alone in my room then suddenly I woke up and put my drawing sheet, pen, pencil etc on my study table and starts drawing this Sketch Art. 

    What is Sketch Art?

    If you don’t know about sketch art: –

    Sketch Art is a rapidly executed freehand drawing that is not usually deliberated as a finished work.

    If You Don’t Know About ProArt And The Man Behind The ProArt click here.

    Firstly let’s take a simple instance “How to Draw a Girl Face

    To Draw Girl Face in correct proportion with a small example. Later on I will show you complete posts on how to draw a girl face. 

    How to Draw a Girl Face

    Step 1
    To draw a girl face! 
    Firstly, you should draw an oval shape with a pencil….or more specifically an upside-down egg shape.

    .how to draw a girl face

    Step 2
    Now draw two guidelines across the face. First-line in the symmetry(middle of the oval shape) and second-line about 1/2 way in between chin and 1/2 line.

    This is the basic face shape of a girl. You can learn to draw the facial part step by step like: –

    1. How to Draw Lips
    2. How to Draw Eyes

    Wait I’ll post another drawing tutorial article to draw a girl face later. Very sorry about this inconvenience.

    Now come to the point.

    How to Draw a Girl in a Dress 

    Step 1
    To draw a girl in a dress. Firstly, draw the outline of the Girl with a light pencil or pen (here I am using a black ball pen) but you can also use a pencil instead of using a black ball pen if you are a beginner.

    Draw a Girl Easy step by step

    Step 2
    Complete the remaining outlines. You can follow the outline which I am drawing. 

    Go ahead! keep on going… finish all the remaining outline to draw a girl.

    Draw a Girl Easy

    Step 3
    After finishing the outline of a girl in a dress. 
    Time to apply shading to the girl.

    Start filling black ink using a black pen, you should start from the upper part(head region of the girl).

    how to draw a girl step by step

    Step 4
    Fill the black ink in the middle of the Girl’s body, try to fill it gently and exactly there, where you outlined for filling black ink if you sketching using pencil fill with a dark pencil to make it look more vivid and realistic of the Girl in a Dress.

    how to draw a girl face

    Mark the area where you want to fill the black ink. As I mentioned below in the figure, just you need to follow this.

    how to draw a girl full body

    Step 6
    How to draw a girl in a dress. Draw the girl’s full body and the dress that she is wearing along with shading the girl body and dress parallel.

    how to draw a girl in a dress easy

    Step 7
    To make the girl in a dress more realistic use a pencil for shading along with a pen together. 

    Use light strokes with a pencil and darker part with pen.   

    how to draw a girl in a dress step by step

    Step 8
    Now the Drawing of Girl in a Dress is almost ready just need to draw and shade spare lower body area. Keep going and finish it off.

    how to draw a girl easy

    Step 9
    Now a girl in a dress drawing is done! now time for the quotation part. (you can do whatever you want to do other than adding quotations).

    how to draw a girl in a dress

    Step 10
    Now you can see How to Draw a Girl in a Dress is completed.

    how to draw a girl easy step by step


    This tutorial is on How to Draw a Girl in a dress. It is a quick, simple, easy, and step by step drawing tutorial guide for the kids, beginners, and intermediates. I hope you like this tutorial please don’t forget to share this… 

    THANKS FOR VISITING if you have any query regarding this please comment below, I will try to solve it as soon as possible.