How to Draw a Rose

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How to Draw a Rose

Red roses indicate passion and romantic love, while yellow roses signify friendship and devotion. They are beautiful and gorgeous to look at.

Roses are the symbol of love hence it’s a very special gift for the lover to present a rose for their love on the
Valentine’s Day!   Valentine’s Day 2017 is on the head and the roses are ready to be served. Learn How to Draw a Rose Step by Step guide.

Today’s tutorial is an easy rose drawing 

how to draw a rose

What You Will Need

  • Hard Pencil(HB)
  • Soft Pencil(5B or below it)
  • Sheet of paper
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Eraser

You have to follow step by step methods below to draw a rose.

Step 1

This is the very simple and easy methods to drawing roses.
On the drawing, sheet draws a structure like “S” that has a curled in the tip at the top.

how to draw a rose

Step 2

You have aware of how this “S” is actually will look like a rose petal and the base of bud will form the bud of the rose or the centre part of the rose bloom. 

When you start sketching out the rose petals, draw some nice rounds and curves for rose petals.

how to draw a rose

Step 3

Continue to sketch in some more petals. At this time the petals are like bloomed form and it would be the bigger layer and a bit more full looking.

how to draw a rose

Step 4

At the top draw some more petals.

how to draw a rose for kids

Step 5 

Drawing roses leave.

roses to draw

Step 6

Now the ROSE sketch is ready, complete and sharpen the outlines and shade the rose bud and the petals.

how to draw a rose

Step 7

You will need to continue sketch in the shading which adds details, definition and texture of your rose.

how to draw a rose

Step 8 

Continue shading like so and you have do is follow the darkness and lightly shaded areas of the roses as you can see here in the figure.

draw a rose

Step 9

complete Shading the leaves of the rose. How to Draw a Rose

how to draw a rose step by step

Step 10 

Draw the two parallel vertical curve right below the base of the rose.

how to draw roses

Step 11

Add the thorny detail and rough sketch for the leaves extending on the either side of the stem.

how to draw a rose easy

Step 12

Add some leaves detail. 

drawing roses

Step 13

Shade the leaves and now after shading the sketch of the rose is ready!!!

how to draw a simple rose


easy to draw rose

Valentine's day images

Learn this tutorial and mastered yourself in rose making and on this Valentine’s Day gift your love this awesome easy rose sketch.

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