How To Draw a Sunflower

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How To Draw a Sunflower

    Hey, Artist! 

    Today’s tutorial is on the Sunflower (How to Draw a Sunflower). Kids are really fond

    of drawing easy and simple things like drawing flowers, scenarios, animal, etc. 

    Isn’t it?

    The flower is a pure and beautiful creation of Nature. It is offered to Gods and presented to the dear and near ones, because of its beauty and purity. Flowers like the roses, lotuses, sunflower etc. are famous for their beauty and glamour.

    A flower could be a special quite plant structure. Flowers also are referred to as the bloom or blossom of a plant. The flower grows on a stalk – a skinny node – that supports it. Flowers have petals. within the part of the flower that has petals area unit the elements that manufacture spore and seeds.


    What you will need:

    • 6H or 4H darker pencil
    • 2H light pencil
    • A black ball pen
    • Paper
    • Colour(watercolor or Poster paint or color sketch pen)
    • Eraser

    This are the basic things you will need to draw! Right???

    So, this tutorial is basically a step by step tutorial for the beginner who wants 

    to learns something worthy and enhance his drawing skills just follow the steps 

    below to learn this awesome sunflower drawing.

    Step 1: Draw a small circle. 

    Use a 2H light pencil and don’t press too hard in the beginning. 
    how to draw a flower

    Step 2: Draw another Big circle

    So that it will inscribe the smaller circle. This is the basic structure of drawing sunflowers.

    how to draw a flower

    Step 3: Now! it’s time to draw petals. 

    For drawing petals, you have to draw an elongated heart like structure.

    how to draw a flower

    Step 4: Draw Stem and leaf

    Repeat the above step(Step 3) until every space in the circle fully covered.

    Now Move to the stem below! Draw a curve line for the stem…and a leaf.

    how to draw a flower

    Step 5: Draw more leaves.

    Stem: Draw another curve parallel line to provide width and cross-section of the stem and also draw the second leaf.

    Erase the outer reference big circle.

    Rough Sunflower sketch is almost created. Now it’s time to color our sunflower.  

    how to draw a flower

    Step 6: Start coloring 

    Now the question is have you see the sunflower? what is the color of the sunflower? 

    yeah! you may be seen the sunflower. its petals are yellow and dark brownish in the center.

    So in the center of the sunflower, I’m coloring it dark brown somewhat reddish.

    how to draw a flower

    Step 7: Start coloring petals

    Petals are yellow, hence I colored it yellow.

    how to draw a flower

    Step 8: Start coloring stem and leaves

    As you know the stem and leaves of the plant are green. Isn’t it?
    So, color it green.

    And also outline the whole flower using a black ball pen. I use a black ball pen because it is dark.

    Almost the coloring part is ready.

    how to draw a flower

    Step 9: Give it a realistic look

    It’s time to give it a 3D look. In order to do that, use 6H or 4H darker pencil and try to shade in the base of the petal and use cotton or your finger to smudge it.

    What is smudging? 
    for smudging, technique read this post

    how to draw a flower

    Step 10: Smudge it!

    Smudging done! 
    And the Sunflower is ready!!!

    how to draw a flower

     More Pictures of Sunflower

    how to draw a flower

    how to draw a Sunflower

    Conclusion: –

    Practice makes perfect. Draw the maximum amount as you’ll. Doodle throughout the day. consider footage and conceive to draw what you see. return over your mistakes to enhance upon them, and keep making an attempt till you succeed. There don’t seem to be shortcuts. 

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