How to Draw a Tattoo – 7 Steps(With Pictures)

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How to Draw a Tattoo
How to Draw a Tattoo

    Hello Artists!

    This is the article on How to Draw a Tattoo, it is an easy, simple, and step by step tattoo making tutorial for the kids, beginners, intermediate and for the advance. 

    Here in this tutorial I’m gonna teach you to draw a temporary tattoo using a pen or sketch color pencil.

    Just follow every step mentioned in this tattoo making tutorial to enhance your tattoo making skills up to the next level.

              Art is all about your deep imagination, skill, and thinking.

    What is the Tattoo?

    The tattoo is a permanent drawing or marking in the skin made by way of ink and needles. Once ink deposited on the second layer of skin known as Dermis. A tattoo is now an acceptable form of Body Art.

           tattoo designer design tattoo by their cool tattoo ideas

    What does Tattoo mean to you?

    Let’s play a simple game! comment below in the comment box what does tattoo really mean to you, Let’s see who have the more imaginative and creative answer, the best answer will be featured on Proart By Satyam along with there name.

          >>>  Today I’m going to show how to draw a tattoo using sketch pen and ball pen.

    What You Will Need

    • Black, Blue, Red, Green, etc pen (any color of your desire).
    • Sketch pen 
    • Eyeliner

                 what you’ll be going to creating                                             

    How to Draw a Chinese Dragon Tattoo
    How to Draw a Tattoo – Lion Tattoo

     This is a temporary tattoo making tutorial hope you will enjoy it! 

    How to Draw a Tattoo

    Step 1

    What will need to draw a tattoo???…
    hahaha!!! of course, the human body either hand or any other body part. 

    To Draw a Tattoo on hand first of all clean your particular body area where you opted to draw a tattoo here I’m drawing it on hand so clean it with soap or just nice and chill water don’t let any sweat on the hand, clean it properly.

    Here I’m drawing it on my own hand. 

    How to Draw a Tattoo


    Step 2

    Now here’s come the tattoo selection part, choose an easy tattoo design in the beginning if you are a kid or beginner or you can choose complex tattoo design too. 

    Here my skin tone is brown so I would like to draw tattoo with a black pen or you can use a green color pen.

    Take a black ball pen which usually used to prefer,

    Make the outline of your tattoo on your hand. Here I am drawing Lion roaring tattoo so I am outlining the lion’s head. 

    How to Draw a Tattoo

    Step 3

    Draw Lion’s hair and Keep going! until you finish it. Complete the whole outlines of your tattoo design.

    How to Draw a Tattoo


    Step 4

    Now After done with outlining!

    Start filling the black color in the tattoo using your black ball pen. 

    you can fill any color, but I would like to prefer black because it looks very authentic and real for the brown skin tone. 

    Later on, I will show you a tattoo with many different colors like green, red, blue, etc.

    You can check it here How to make a tattoo: Colored Tattoo

    How to Draw a Tattoo

    Step 5

    Be aware of the edges, use gentle strokes on the edges so that not a single error ruins the whole tattoo design of Lion.

    keep it up! keep going !!! fill all the spare places. 

    How to Draw a Tattoo

    Step 6

    Finishing it off! The tattoo pattern is about to ready. It just needs a bit of finishing. 

    How to Draw a Tattoo

    Step 7

    Our article – How to draw a tattoo is about to be finished, just work on edges makes it more taper, sharpen, clean, and vibrant. 

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    How to Draw a Tattoo

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    How to Draw a Tattoo

    How to Draw a Tattoo

    How to Draw a Tattoo

    How to Draw a Tattoo


    This is a tattoo making tutorial on How to Draw a Tattoo. It is an easy and simple tattoo making tutorial for the kids and beginners. 

    Initially, the selection of tattoo and the outlining tattoo is more important when you are making a temporary tattoo.

    I hope you learn every step with patience.