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This blog is all about the Biography and drawing tutorial on “How to Draw Carryminati” in very just 5+ easy and simple steps. Just stick to the blog and learn Carryminati’s drawing and know more about his life.

Carryminati Biography

A boy born on 12 June 1999 in Faridabad, Haryana near the capital of India – New Delhi. That boy’s name is Ajey Nagar Better known as Carryminati.

Ajey Nagar aka Carryminati is a medium height boy of 5 foot 5 inches(in centimeters- 165 cm in meters- 1.65 m )

He studied in Delhi Public School, a least interested in studying. He started YouTubing at the age of 10. hahaha not roasting videos.

He started uploading mix videos on sports, tricks n trick, video games, etc… experimenting on youtube channel – “StealthFearz”. 

But the video hardly getting a single view, he didn’t quit youtube, he keeps on experimenting.

There is the only hope that his passion for creating video even he didn’t get any views he keeps on doing his passion and hard work trying new things keep on experimenting He believes in learning, doing unique, and trying new things. 

As time passes “StealthFearz” didn’t work for him according to the effort that had been put by him. 

At the age of 15, he started a new channel that is “AddictedA1“. 

Carryminatic started uploading recorded gaming videos with the funny commentary this fusion is going to be unique in India because gaming along with funny commentary had never done by anyone and very new thing for India.

Funny commentary plus carry’s humor started loving the subscribers. He started improving his funny talks and putting more humor in the video and also started doing mimicry of Bollywood superstars like Hrithik Roshan, Sunny Deol, Nana Patekar, etc.

He forgets about the views, just go on putting his 100% on creating quality and unique content. 

Within a couple of years he uploaded more than 150 videos on the Youtube channel – “AddictedA1“, and now the people started loving his videos, the channel is going on the right track views are now increasing. 

He renamed his channel AddictedA1 to “Carry Deol”. 

And started roasting videos as the channel getting views and subscriber day by day, again he renamed his channel to “Carryminati“. There is no logic behind the name he just loves the name Carryminati.

As time passes he started face cam and comes on the camera, his subscriber counts keeps on increasing.

And he’s getting popular day by day seeing this he quit his study just before the 12th intermediate board exam and started open schooling.

Personally, I want to say quitting your study is not a good move some people are like dropping your school or college will make you famous like Bill Gates and the others, this is stupidity. and also study is not only for getting a good job and making good money rather than I would say study makes you a good and responsible citizen, a better human being.

Recently a trend in India is #YoutubeVsTiktok

The Carryminati roast video on this topic breaks many records. This is the first time an individual creature got more than 1Million likes in just an hour and 5 Million plus likes in just 5 hours. 

Also this video “#YouTubeVsTikTok The END” is become the most liked video in India more than 80 Million likes. 

But sadly his video has been taken down. This video gave him more than 13lacs of subscribers. 

This is quite a big achievement not for the only individual content creature but for all the youtube channels and the group of creatures and Hollywood celebrities.

Personally, I’m with CarryMinati

Carrymianti Net Worth

I’m just guessing the Carryminati Net Worth from youtube only is more than 2 lacs per month and also he is getting good money from sponsorships

Who is actually Carryminati?

Carryminati is a YouTuber and also a streamer. 

Carryminati is known for his roasting, comedic skits, and reactions on various online topics. Roasting is totally new to India. It is quite very famous in the foreign country but Indians were unaware of roasting culture but now roasting has been quite very famous in India

“Carryminati” – His channel on youtube is not his first channel neither he becomes famous at one time. He tried many things on youtube and also failed much time, faced lots of ups and downs. 

Carry keep on doing making videos never lose his hope he has only one passion is to be a creature.

and now when it comes to roasting in India there is only one name that comes in the mind is CarryMinati. 
He is one of India’s highly rated and over 14 millions of subscriber on the youtube

How to Draw Carryminati

Step 1: Drawing a rough outline sketch.

Initially you need to draw a rough sketch outline by using a light pencil like H or 2H. 

So, that it would not leave an impression on ur sheet, after that darken it, you must use a grid for more accurate dimensions of your portrait.

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        Carryminati Biography and Drawing

Step 2: Start drawing features like eyes, nose, lips, etc. 

In this step, I have drawn eyes as shown in the image. To draw an eye od the Carryminati, use dark pencils like HB, 4B, 8B, etc.. 

10B is the darkest one which is used where you need very dark shading.

To draw eyebrows of Carryminati, I used 5B pencils for dark effect, always use blending stump or earbud for blending so as to draw a smooth texture. 

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Here in this picture I also made spectacles using charcoal pencils.

Carryminati Biography and Drawing

Step 3: Drawing the nose. 

Similarly, you can draw a nose by following the upper steps, use a blending stump for a smooth texture.  

Also use a mono zero size eraser to draw a nose bridge effect on your nose.

Carryminati Youtube video and instagram

Step 4: Drawing the beard and hairs and ears.

Always take enough time to draw hairs because each stroke must be perfect, in order to draw it, 

firstly use a stroke using medium shade pencil like a 4B pencil then smudge it, then again use darker shade pencil make strokes from that as per the picture and then blend it. 

Use white pencils to highlight some areas for realistic effects. For ears also, carefully make the definition lines so as to have the proper ear

how to draw Carryminati

Step 5: Now draw the lower neck part of Carryminati.

Draw your neck area, outline it, and then use the charcoal medium pencil to draw that thread worn by Carryminati. 

Shade the neck area and blend it properly for realistic effect.

how to draw Carryminati merchandise

Finally done

Now the sketch is completed and the final pic will look like this.

how to draw Carryminati in 6 easy steps


Always take time to draw a picture or portrait, hurry and lack of patience will not provide the best results, 

never forget to sharpen your pencils again and again so as to make crisp strokes and lines. 

Place a rough sheet over your sketch while making hairs etc because that graphite may smudge over the unnecessary area and can spoil your sketch. 

Never forget to use a mono zero size eraser and white pencils to give effective touches.

Always sharpen your soft pencils using cutter because these( 4B, 6B, 8B, 10B) are kind of smooth pencils that cant is sharpen using the sharpener.

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Credit: Ruchika

Instagram: @artby_ruchi

Carryminati Instagram

Carryminati Instagram is handled by himself only. His Instagram username is @carryminati and Instagram profile direct link

Carryminati Twitter

Carryminati is very active on twitter and handled by himself only. His Instagram username is @CarryMinati and Instagram profile direct link 

Carryminati Video – YouTube

You can see Carryminati video on his YouTube Channel “Carryminati” There he constantly uploads new videos check out his channel below

Carryminati Wiki

You can also read about Ajey Nagar AKA Carryminati’s on Wikipedia

Carryminati Pubg 

CarryMinati started playing gaming like COD, Players Unknown Battleground(PUBG), etc on emulator not on the mobile and he plays like a pro, he collaborates with many top-ranked Indian PUBG players like 

Soul Mortal Instagram – @ig_mortal

Hydra Dynamo Instagram – @dynamo_gaming

Hydra Dynamo Youtube channel –

  • Animesh Agarwal aka 8bit Thug(Clan name 8bit).  

8bit Thug Instagram – @8bit_thug 

8bit Thug Youtube channel – 

Carryminatic Pubg Name – Khalidjamonday

Carryminatic Pubg Id – 545247961

Carryminatic Email –

He streams Player’s Unknown Battleground(PUBG) on his other channel that is CarryIsLive, the subscriber on this channel is more than 5 Million.

Carrymnati merchandise

You can also buy Carryminati merchandise – “Toh Kaise Hai Aap Log” T-shirts.

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So, this is a drawing tutorial on How to Draw Carryminati and Carryminati Biography. I hope you enjoyed reading Carry’s life journey from a little ordinary boy to India’s most highly rated and loved Youtuber. If you have any queries or problems regarding Carryminati’s drawing tutorial you are free to comment below in the comment box. I will try to help you accordingly as soon as possible.