How to Draw Dolphin in 5+ Easy Steps by Step [Drawing Hack]

June 7, 2017 By SatyamMJ 0

    Today’s Tutorial is how to draw a dolphin. As you know the dolphin is a very mammoth giant as well as a very cute water animal. 

    When I was a child I was very fascinated by the sea creatures and used to draw many sea animals, they are mammoth as well as they are very cute and descent, one of them is Dolphins

    Usually used to draw dolphins, drawing dolphins is very simple and easy to draw, the dolphin can be a very good drawing idea for the kindergarten, kids, and beginners.

    Drawing realistic dolphin or drawing cartoon dolphins both would the great drawing ideas, who just started to draw as they have a very simple and easy shape.

    I was very impressed by the dolphin’s fascinating behaviour and I love to see them jumping out of the water. I want to let you know that Bottlenose dolphin are the most common and reliably the very intelligent and genius in the dolphin family in Delphinidae( the oceanic dolphin family)

    Dolphin lives in the ocean. There is a large variety of dolphins and very densely populated in the ocean and dolphins are a large mammal.

    The dolphins comprise the enduring families Delphinidae (the oceanic dolphins)


    How to Draw a Dolphin


    Dolphins are terribly intelligent and they seem to be cute and excellently loved by humans. Dolphin has that crisp behavior that they can impress anybody.

                                        Dolphins are known to be kind and very curious and robust bonding within their troop. Dolphins are also known to be a good helper of humans in a very critical situation like rescues and fishing.


    Dolphin drawing is easy and kids love to draw dolphins as I mentioned. We love to see dolphin’s water performance. Dolphin can be a good friend of humans, we just need to give training and nurturing them well.

    How to Draw a Dolphin


    How to Draw Dolphin???

    It is easy to draw a dolphin you need not be an expert in drawing, everybody will draw dolphin drawing it is very easy and the kids and the beginners are especially recommended.

    Now let’s start with the easy dolphin drawing step by step method. 

    Here I’ll show you drawing of dolphins jumping out of the water as you can see in the final image. I want to say that this tutorial how to Dolphin drawing easy for kids and also for advance. So, at last, enjoy learning dolphin drawing.

    How to Draw a Dolphin for kids

    The dolphin possesses are really the authentic and elegant movement that draws here step 1. 

                                      Dolphin resembles like all those oceanic fish but the fact is totally different dolphins are the mammals. 

    It is very easy to draw a dolphin. In this step draw the elongated oval part, the head, and the tail of the dolphin. 

    Basic Tips you should keep in mind while drawing Dolphin: – 

    This tutorial – “How to Draw Dolphin” is an animated drawing. As I always recommend always use a light stroke for the initial rough drawing because when you push too hard in the beginning you will ruin your entire drawing. So, I would like to prefer to go with the 2H pencil for rough sketch and then start drawing and coloring when you got that reference.

      How to Draw a Dolphin jumping out of the water

      Drawing Dolphin fin and tail

      Now let’s draw the dolphin fin and the tail. Draw a small oval shape on the bigger elongated oval shape and add a line for the fin. 
                                       Add two parallel lines so that the line of the tail in the (step 1) lies between the two parallel lines.

      How to easy to Draw  Dolphin

      Finishing Drawing Dolphins fin and tail

      Draw a curved line to connect the head with the body of the dolphin. Draw the fins. We know dolphins are a very gentle and graceful mammal.
                                         So, that makes all the edges perfect and smooth. To draw the more accurate and basic shapes of dolphins try to add more arc and lines to full fill the dolphin’s structure.

      How to Draw a Dolphin easy simple and step by step

      Easy to draw dolphin Lower fin, nose and eyes  

      It is easy to draw dolphin fins, nose, and eyes. Draw the two sides lower fins and also draw the nose and the eye. 


      It is easy to draw dolphin eyes, draw a circle and that’s it! same we will do for the nose it is also very simple to draw a tapered oval like shape for the nose. Try to draw the fins accurately. Now time to draw the tail fins.

      simple dolphin drawing easy step by step cartoon dolphin

      Erase all the unnecessary lines for the perfect looking dolphin drawing. Now all I want to say that work on the detailing and fine lines and also make them smooth and better.

      How to Draw a Dolphin simple and draw cartoon dolphin

      Need some shading! shade the dolphin. Shading will give it a good volume and appears like a real dolphin. If you want to portray the dolphin jumping out of the water you will need to color it to convey the real beauty of the dolphin.

      Use crayon, watercolor, poster color, or sketch pens to color the dolphin and make them alive by coloring it.

      How to Draw a Dolphin easy simple step by step cartoon dolphin

      Dolphin drawing almost ready! The final step to draw a dolphin and your dolphin is ready!!!

      Dolphin jumping out of the water realistic dolphin easy simple step by step
      Dolphin jumping out of the water

      Tips and Conclusion:

      When drawing Dolphin on paper, draw remark lines lightly so you can erase them more easily. Make the figure lines more distinct to serve as a conductor to link them in before coloring this will make your dolphin drawing easy.

      This Tutorial is on How to Draw Dolphin easy Step By Step on paper for kids and advance, I hope you got all the steps and always practice it so you don’t mess up with the drawing and keep practicing on this tutorial and post your stuff below in the comment box.