How to Draw Eyes and Eyebrow for beginners step by step realistic eyes in 10 steps

March 12, 2017 By SatyamMJ 0

How to Draw Eyes

Today I am going to teach you to draw realistic eyes and the hardest things to draw is facial features and for me drawing an eye is a very difficult thing. drawing eye styles is very enormous, depending on realism, comics, anime,  cartoons, doll eyes, animals eyes and so on.

how to draw eyes

 This is a tutorial on how to draw eyes and eyebrow. I know drawing eyes is also a very back-breaking task for you to do. But don’t worry I am giving you the superior way and very easy and simple methods and step by step How to draw an eye tutorial.

You will need:
  • 2 different pencils – a dark 6B pencil or above and a light pencil HB.
  • Drawing sheet
  • Eraser 

Step 1

Draw an almond shaped outline to draw an eye use light HB pencil.

how to draw eyes

Step 2
Now draw an inner circle for the Iris and make a side arc for the caruncle.

how to draw eyes

Step 3
Now draw a small semi-circle for the pupil of an eye and make it fully black use the dark 6H pencil, and here draw bit bigger semi-circle than the pupil for the highlight and leave it blank.

And draw an arc just above the eye line.

how to draw eyes

Step 4
Use a dark 6H pencil to darken the eye lines and the Iris line. Apply inward shading strokes inside the Iris and add some line inside the iris connected to the pupil. 

how to draw an eye

Step 5
Fill some more lines lightly inside the iris.

how to draw realistic eyes

Step 6
Draw some lines for the upper and lower lashes and shade inside the iris.
drawing eyes

Step 7
Add some more upper and lower lashes and shade the corner of eye and the eyelid.
how to draw eyes step by step

Step 8
Well, don’t forget this tutorial is on how to draw eyes and eyebrow.
draw some rough lines above the eye for an eyebrow.

how to draw an eye step by ste

Step 9 
For an eyebrow! use sketching strokes and make it vivid and real.

eye drawing

Step 10
Final step! between the eyebrow and the eye use light pencil strokes and smudge it with your finger tip. 
and now the realistic eye drawing is ready… completed!!!

how to draw eyes and realistic eyes

  • Sketch lightly before drawing actual things for the rough work.
  • Use light HB pencil.
  • For well-shaded look smudge with your fingertip.
  • Always practise you drawing skill so you don’t get confused when you are drawing.
  • Always use reference for drawing. 

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