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How to Draw Lips : 7 easy steps (With Pictures)

How to Draw Lips Easy

In this tutorial, I will teach you How to Draw Lips easy in 7 steps employing an easy triangle shape. 

You will produce totally different forms of drawing lips by creating little changes within the start. 

I came up with this technique at some point by somehow associating a combination of drawing lips with a mathematical shape.

How to draw lips

if you would like to draw the face, you ought to first Draw the Eyes and learn how to draw the nose properly.

Eyes communicate the mood of the person in your drawing. It’s vital to do and obtain the facial expression right if the face is that the central purpose of your drawing.

Additional specifically, the eyes and therefore the lips drawing are usually the foremost vital components of any portrait. 

Therefore, it’s risky to permit any imperfections in those areas, because the whole drawing can be distorted.

The portrait may look nothing just like the person you’re attempting to draw. This lesson can show you how to draw lips using a pencil step by step.

Realistic lips drawing you will need to focus on the shape, structure and the curves of the upper and lower lips. 

Let’s take quick lips drawing step by step with pencil steps here below!

How to draw lips

You will need:

  • Light HB Pencil
  • 6H and 4H darker Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Paper

Step 1: Draw 3 parallel line – How to Draw Lips

At first, mark 3 parallel lines so as to draw stunning lips. keep in mind that the farther the short lines area unit placed from the most one, the fuller the lips are. during this image, the gap between the higher lip and therefore the lower one is four cm, the length of the most line is thirteen cm, and therefore the short lines area unit 3 cm long.

How to Draw Lips

Step 2: Connect lines – How to Draw Realistic Lip

One will draw lovely lips mistreatment in small stages technique albeit one has no talent for drawing. you will see however simple it’s at the top of our lesson. currently, still, draw lips. simply connect 2 short lines to 1 another. the form of the lips is clear already!

How to Draw Realistic Lips

Step 3: Give it the shape – How to Draw Lips Easy

It would be too straightforward to draw all the lines of the portrait with a ruler. However, you ought to use your imagination and draw the real form of the lips by dividing the higher lip into 2 components. The higher lip sometimes is formed as a heart. The higher contour should be reduced and also the lower one should be enlarged.

How to Draw Lips  Easy

Step 4: More shape – How to Draw Lips Step by Step

Now you ought to add volume to your drawing so as to form the lips seem natural. thus shade the lips at their corners and on the road wherever the higher lip connects to the lower lip. If you wish to color the lips, do so now. If you’ve got set to easily use a pencil, then do a new factor.

How to Draw Lips Step by Step

Step 5: Draw lip wrinkle – How to Draw Lips Male

Create some lips wrinkle using light HB pencil. Don’t press too hard so you will very difficult to achieve the natural lips look.

How to Draw Lips Male

Step 6: Add Shading – How to Draw a Lips

using a mixing stump, smooth out the shading on lower lips. keep in mind the areas mentioned in step 5, you’ll notice that the lips wrinkles slowly begin to mix in with the shading. however, they should not disappear

How to Draw a Lips

Step 7:Add more shades – How to Draw Human Lips 

Using a 6B pencil, darken the areas between the lips, the bottom of the upper lips and top of the lower lips. Blending the lips wrinkle and shade the corner of the lips.

Now your lips drawing is ready!!!

How to Draw Human Lips

I suppose drawing lips is quite easy for you. isn’t it??? If you like this tutorial on How to Draw Lips you might also like this tutorial on

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