How to Make a Tattoo at Home – 5 Steps with Pictures

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How to Make a Tattoo at Home

how to draw tattoo

Semicolon tattoo

A very fashionable and trending tattoo designs that is extremely noted across the worldit’s terribly tiny however the which means is huge.

Semicolon tattoo symbolize as (;)

The tattoo is small– simply 2 little symbols– however the which means is large.

In the quickly growing profession of body art, wherever a lot of is sometimes a lot ofthis easy style is attracting national attention.

The Project Semicolon tattoo begins in 2013 collectively woman’s thanks to honour the daddy she lost to suicide. Amy BleuelUnited Nations agency battled her own struggles against depression and mental state, saw the period-comma band as a logo of hope.

“A punctuation mark(Semicolon) is employed once associate scribbler may have chosen to finish their sentence, how ever selected to not. The author is you and also the sentence is your life,” the organisation’s website says.

“Through the punctuation mark image several associated with the disturbance of depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide and their can to continue on … to believe that this is often not the tip, however,
a brand new starting.”

                                                                                                                                                                       There square measure many tattoo ideas like scorpion tattoo, dragon tattoos, Chinese tattoos  , social group tattoos and plenty of more.

semicolon tattoo

semicolon tattoo

semicolon tattoo

Tattoos for girl

Across the world, the tattoo is extremely trending among women and ladiessometimes the woman is extremely addicted to tattooing and flaunting in society.

semicolon tattoo
Semicolon tattoo 

➨ I’m terribly addicted to tattoo and creating temporary tattoos. a number of Tattoo tutorial that you ought to have to be compelled to find out how to create a tattoo in seven steps and tattoo by Satyam.

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Tattoo designs for men

Here I’m attending to teach you drawing temporary tattoo with straight forward and easy step by step techniqueyou only have to be compelled to follow some straightforward steps to draw an eminent tattoo style for men.

A exceptionally the best idea of tattoos designs and tattoos drawing is how to transfer drawing to skin with deodorant which I’ll discuss later in new post very soon. 

Let’s start out tutorial !!!

Step 1

In this step, you will need a colour marker(colour: red, black, green) or a colour pen(colour: red, black, green) with desired tattoo design and of course you will need a hand. :p 

Try to draw the outline of the desired tattoo design. As you can see here in the picture, don’t over the mark on the line, it should be clean and perfect with a single line.  

tattoo design

Step 2

darken the outline a make a thick and perfect thick dark single outline.

tattoo ideas

Step 3

Fill the desired colour. Here I am using Green and Red colour to give my tattoo more contrast and vibrant look.

tribal tattoo

Step 4

Fill red colour in the tattoo.


tribal images


tribal images

 Step 5 

FINAL step!!!

To give a realistic and authentic look, shade with a black pen at the every end of the tattoo portion.

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It’s Done!!!


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tattoo places near me

This man wants me to have a selfie and publish it on my blog with tattoo… Proart

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