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Proart by Satyam: When I was a child in KG, I really wanted to be an artist, a painter and as I have grown up I started drawing art, and as time passes I improved my skills from drawing basic apple to drawing portrait. Drawing makes my soul happy, this takes the years of practice. 

                                 Now I can show you my stuff which usually I used to draw during my school life, there’s a lot more drawing stuff’s but I don’t have much snaps of that but a few. So, scroll below   

    Sania Mirza Sketch – Portrait

    She is India’s tennis star, Sania Mirza sketch. These are the latest photos of her when she got the winning title. 

    About – Sania Mirza, she is a professional tennis player representing India and she was a former champion and world no. 1 in the double discipline. 

    She has won six Grand Slam titles and read more… 
    Sania mirza latest photos and sketch
    Sania Mirza Sketch

    Anime Couple Cuddling Art

    This is a painting of anime couple cuddling art that I have drawn when I was in class 6th standard. 

    Anime art is really is fascinating because it combines graphic art, characterization, and other forms of imaginative character. More Anime Art.
    Want to learn anime Couple drawing step by step – How to Draw Anime

    Anime Couple Cuddling Art simple easy step by step
     Anime Couple Kiss

    Spartan Warrior Drawing – 300 Movie

    In the Movie 300, I was so obsessed with the spartan warrior that I dreamed to be living in that spartan period.

    I mean to say they are really brave and that fighting spirit for glory is really tremendous to see on the screen, that thrilling scenes and battleground fighting I love that.

    I was so obsessed that I once tried to draw the spartan warrior and now you can see below what I have drawn.

    spartan warrior drawing and halo spartan helment, shield drawing

    Spartan Warrior 

    About this Spartan Warrior Drawing – I used light strokes of pencil for the rough structure. 

    Basically, I divided this art into a few main steps, that is 

     Halo Spartan Helmet Drawing

    Halo Spartan Helmet Drawing is the top and main part which I like to prefer first to draw correctly. 

    As you can see the spartan helmet looks very spiky and innovative design.

     Spartan Shield Drawing

    Now the second most important part to draw is Spartan Shield Drawing

    As you know shield is used to protect from enemies and sharp weapons. 

    This is generally round in the shape and made up of hardwood or some strong and light metal.

     Spartan Body Drawing

    The last one and also an important one because every step counts in the drawing because you don’t want to ruin your art by making mistakes so spartan body drawing is the base of this art. 

    Draw calmly and at a low pace because there are many detailing like armor, six-pack abs, and clothes.

    You want to learn superheroes drawing – How to Draw Superman.

    Spartan Drawing Tips

      So here are the tips for Spartan drawing is don’t push too hard in the beginning use light strokes of the pencil in the beginning to the basic structure of Spartan Warrior.

      Draw outlines to make it more visible, and shade the deep darker region using a black pen and light region using pencil and smug it using finger, paper, or cloth. 

      Cool and unique Tattoo Drawings and Sketch for men

      Another art form which draws my mind toward it is cool and unique tattoo drawings and sketch ideas for men and female. 

      This is an art form where we play with colorful ink. Today people think that having tattoos signifies cool and modern nature but here I want to add that history of tattoos is very old.

      The oldest evidence of human tattoos is believed to be drawn from between 3370 BC and 3100 BC. 

      I guess the image below is one of my first temporary tattoo drawings which I drew nearly between 2019-2010.

      Cool and unique Tattoo Drawings and Sketch for men

      If you want to learn how to draw tattoo you can follow my tattoo drawing easy tutorial.

      there you can learn every basic of drawing tattoo easy, simple, and step by step guide.

      Here are some tips for tattoo drawing is: –
      • Select your Tattoo designs for either men or females and start tattoo drawing on paper.

      • There is many tattoo drawing App you can use it as a reference.

      • Now after practicing on the paper draw a tattoo sketch on the hand using a ball pen. You should be very accurate while drawing every line of tattoo design.

      • After the outline is ready, fill color in it to make it more attractive.

      • Use the basic color ball pen or sketch pen to filling color in it.

      • Try to fill one light and one dark color like a mixture of red and black or a mixture of green and black would be recommended. 

      • Try to mix it well so as to look more vibrant and catchy.

      Dragon Tattoo on Arm

      This was my first dragon tattoo on arm. I remembered that day was my dance performance on the stage for a dance show with my dance crew “Born to dance“.

      I really want to look cool, so before the performance, I kept myself in a calm place and searched for a dragon tattoo design on the internet. 

      Hurriedly I found one, and I managed to buy a black pen and draw this small dragon tattoo on my arm as you can see below.

      Dragon Tattoo

      Tiger Drawing Face and The Bald Eagle Drawing

      The first one is strongest and the other one is the sharpest vision.

      Yeah! I am telling about the king and the largest among all the cat family – “The Royal Bengal Tiger” and also the royal symbol of the Greatest Nation – INDIA.

      The Other one is the conqueror of the sky – “The Bald Eagle” also the symbol of the great United States of America. 

      I guess, I hardly remember when I have drawn this sketch I was in standard 7th. When my drawing teacher had given us the task of tiger drawing and also said that the best one will be rewarded, the very next day drawing copy was submitted, and eventually, our drawing teacher declared the result and it was  “Mr. Satyam” who has the best the Bengal Tiger drawing among all the students. So, I was rewarded with a bar of chocolate. hahaha I was too glad because this was my first reward that got in drawing class.

      Tiger and Bald Eagle sketch

      Very Soon! I will share a drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Tiger easy and simple step by step guide for the kids(beginners), intermediate, and also for advance.

      The Drawing of Bengal Tiger is easy to draw just keep in mind a few things: –
      • When you drawing for Tiger start drawing with a Tiger face.

      • Start drawing with the tiger eyes and nose first for the correct reference of the whole tiger body.

      • Then draw the further face parts like ears, mouth, teeth, etc.

      • And then move to the body and then the tail.

      Now I will talk about the drawing of Bald Eagle – The conqueror of the sky.

      As we know that “The Bald Eagle” is the symbol of the United States of America.

      After one week of drawing “The Royal Bengal Tiger” and got rewarded for. 

      The teacher has given a new task for the drawing of Bald Eagle. I was very excited about the Bald Eagle drawing.

      I want to tell you some interesting: –

      Bald Eagle Facts

      • Bald Eagle has been easily recognized by his white head.

      • Bald Eagle has a hooked yellow beak and a brown body.

      • The Bald Eagle has been the national Emblem of the great United States of America since 1782. 

      • It has 2 meters of wingspan and the weight nearly about 3 – 7 kgs I mean that’s huge for a bird, you assume his massiveness by weight and the overall size is between 26 inches to 40 inches.

      • You can’t even imagine that The Bald Eagle has one of the massive and the largest raptors in the world.

      • The Bald Eagle eats fishes, snakes, turtles, rabbits, ducks, etc.

      • It is the massive predator, The Bald Eagle has a great vision of sight and can attack swooping down to their prey at an angle. reach speeds of up to 170km/h when diving down into the air.

      • After capturing their prey they pull off the flesh with their strong yellow beak.

      • The bald eagle can fly at a very huge height.

      The drawing of Bald Eagle is quite very easy and simple just start drawing it from the yellow beak to the lower body. While drawing its stretched wings is a bit difficult because of the dense feathers.

      Take a reference from some images or google otherwise I will soon share a drawing tutorial on how to draw a bald eagle soon.

      Color Tattoo on dark skin

      So here is my new and unique color tattoo on dark skin, this been really very important to know the color tattoo ideas for the black or brown skin men or women.

      Don’t you know?

      50 percent of the total world population belongs to black or brown skin people.

      So what?
      Some tattoo doesn’t suit the black or brown skin.
      So if you want to get some really cool color tattoo 
      ideas for black or brown skin click here…

      Color Tattoo on dark skin
      Color Tattoo on Dark Skin

      What you need for a color tattoo

      • Black pen
      • Color pen(red and green)
      • A tattoo design

      The above few materials required to make a color tattoo, you can also use a sketch pen or watercolor if you have.

      I would recommend you, select a very basic tattoo if you are a beginner or you can also go with the complex design if you want.

      Drawing tattoo on the hand is a bit difficult because drawing on the flat surface is easy but drawing something on the uneven rounded surface is a bit difficult. 

      Any mistake can ruin the tattoo and that particular area.

      Steps you need to follow for color tattoo

      Finished with the design selection?

      Step 1: 
      Outline the tattoo design on the hand or wherever you want to draw, but when you draw on your own it is recommended to draw on the hand.

      Step 2: 
      After getting it ready! try to smoothen every curve and sharpen all outlines.

      Step 3: 
      Choose the color you want to fill. If you want to use multi-color to look more punchy and vibrant use red and green.

      Step 4: 
      Divide the proper proportion of the color. For instance, you see the tattoo in the above image:-

      Green is used in the middle of the tattoo and red is used side by side. This is a good practice to choose the color for the tattoo on dark skin.

      Step 5: After filling the color the last step you can follow is to take your black pen again and shape the edges and spikes.

      If you want to learn step by step tattoo drawing tutorial – How to Draw Tattoo How to Draw Dragon Tattoo Chinese

      Super Girl Drawing Sketch Full Body

      This is the drawing of the supergirl sketch full body
      I was Drawn this sketch 13 years ago when I was just in standard 5th in school and this is the first supergirl drawing sketch that I only used a black pen to draw.

      Super Girl Drawing Sketch Full Body
      Super Girl 

      After drawing this Supergirl drawing I was very confident because without any rough reference outline, in the beginning, I have drawn this amazing piece. 

      Things not to do!
      I would not recommend the kids and beginners to use them directly black pen for the rough reference sketch.

      I have a separate drawing tutorial guide for the beginner and kids How to Draw a Girl

      Micheal Jackson Tattoo – My Favourite

      So, guys, I want to share this special picture Michael Jackson tattoo photo. Very few of you know that I am very passionate about dancing, and the one idol whom I follow from my childhood till now and will be forever is The King of Pop – “Michael Jackson“.

      Michael Jackson is my inspiration. Still, I follow each and every dance moves. 

      micheal jackson tattoo simple thriller bad photos
      Micheal Jackson Tattoo

      You want me to see dancing ??
      Here is my dance video on YouTube Satyam MJ
      or just search on youtube “Satyam MJ”.

      Here is nothing to deal with Michael Jackson’s tattoo ideas or designs just search on the internet for MJ tattoo and select the suitable one and draw it. it is as simple as that.

      Winter Snowfall Scenery Drawing

      This is the drawing picture of winter snowfall scenery drawing which I hardly remembered when I have drawn it.

      But I remember that this one is the first sketch of my sketchbook. 

      Winter Snowfall Scenery Drawing
      Winter Snowfall Scenery

      Winter is season everybody loves that specially snowfall. And also my favorite season is winter hahaha but never been at the snowfall zone. I really wanted to experience the ice, snow, frozen lake, snowfall, snowstorm, and many more.

      Drawing of Ninja

      Presenting another drawing sketch of Ninja fighter. This is the 2nd sketch that I tried with the
      pen only and it was a successful sketch.

      Who is Ninja?

      Ninja is an assassin, a secret agent of medieval Japanese warfare, and ninja is highly trained in “Martial Arts” which later become “Ninjutsu” or you can say “The art of the Ninja”.

      They have basically trained anonymously in an anonymous place. They generally like to assault there enemy at night in the dark wearing traditional black clothes and move like a shadow with their specialized weapon.

      Drawing of Ninja
      Ninja Warrior

      Ninja Drawing Easy

      Now let us start drawing a sketch of Ninja easy!

      This is basically a tip to draw Ninja!!!

      Start drawing with Ninja’s eyes first and just draw the reference eyes which will be later modified.

      Draw furthermore rough facial parts like eyebrows, nose, and lips.

      Draw Ninja’s hair, and drawing Ninja mask. Now the whole reference sketch is ready! It is on you how can you make it a better sketch!

      Dragon Tattoo Chinese – Temporary Tattoo

      Now the second last of my stuff! this is the Chinese Dragon Tattoo. It is a temporary tattoo I made this using a black ball pen.

      Dragon Tattoo Chinese
      Dragon Tattoo Chinese

      Chinese Dragon Tattoo Meaning

      Dragon word is derived from an ancient Greek word meaning “Huge Serpent” as well as in Latin word “Draconem”. Here serpent meaning in English is reptiles. 

      Some interesting facts about the Chinese dragon are in European country dragon were known to be an evil creature.

      Red Chinese Dragon tattoo meaning

      • Strength
      • power
      • Spirituality
      • Masculinity
      • Prosperity
      • Desire and Sexual Passion
      • Creation and Destruction
      • Longevity
      • Tranquillity

      Dragon is been worship in china for many thousands of years and also china is known as Dragon country.

      Dragon is the creature and destroyer according to the Chinese tradition.

      Mother Day Special

      This is a drawing is especially all the Mothers out there on Mother’s Day.

      This sketch I want to dedicate to all the mothers and their children.

      By Satyam MJ

      mother's day images and drawing
      Happy Mother’s Day


      All the sketches, tattoos, and drawings above had been drawn by me earlier. That is Sania Mirza Sketch, Anime Couple Cuddling Art, Spartan Warrior Drawing, Cool and unique Tattoo Drawings and Sketch for men, Dragon Tattoo on Arm, Tiger Drawing Face and The Bald Eagle Drawing, Color Tattoo on dark skin, Super Girl Drawing Sketch Full Body, Micheal Jackson Tattoo, Winter Snowfall Scenery Drawing, Drawing of Ninja, Dragon Tattoo Chinese, Mother Day Special. This is been my life journey of drawing from child to adult and more to come. I hope you like my drawing stuff. 

      If you have any queries regarding posts, articles, drawing tutorials, etc. 

      Comment down below.

      Thank you!