ProArt by Satyam – Introduction

December 1, 2016 By SatyamMJ 0

Proart by Satyam

Welcome to ProArt 


Hey Friends, Welcome to my blog ProArt. I am Satyam, an artist by birth and a dancer by passion but this is an art blog. so, skip the topic of dancing and let us talk about art and painting.

As I mentioned am an artist by birth, I never trained or had any lesson for this. I had just started creating and creating, this makes me improve my sketch, painting, graffiti, and tattoo making technique day by day and sharpen my skill. once I heard about blogging and showing my talent to the world hence I started this blog.

My motive is to start teaching you Sketch and Painting and will share my experiences to help you and to makes you improve and sharpen your skill.

About Proart

Proart By Satyam is an educational website, which is based on drawing tutorials, painting tutorials, sketching tutorials, tattoo making, graffiti, and many more.

Here we provide numerous tutorials for drawing, painting, sketching, graffiti, tattoo making, etc. All these tutorials are broken down into several fragments and components to make it easy and simple to draw and learn every step easily.