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 Tattoo By Satyam ProArt


Today I’m going to talk about the tattoo, history of tattoo, things to consider the tattoo, how tattoo influences young generation, celebrities tattoo and finally snaps of some of my temporary tattoo work which I made recently.

History Of Tattoo

The History of tattooing has long been a way of ritual rites and passages in most cultures throughout the world.From Africa’s carving process to the Celt’s inking gryphons and the monster that were later found on their corpses,  ideas of tattoos are worn to mark special events, to pay honour or respect, and even to unite body to body with ash remains that are later inked under the skin.

                                                         Actually, tattoos are not allowed in Sunni Islam but are welcome in Shia Islam. Even in Judaism these Tattoos is forbidden. But in Hinduism, these Tattoos is not at all forbidden and in fact some of the village women even have Tattooed on faces to their belief of keeping off the evil. These women have these Tattoos(female tattoos) around chin and forehead. There is a number of Hindus with tattooed OM on their hands or arms. This symbol of OM does protect them from evil and bad karma and the belief is very much evident among village people.

                                                         These days there is electric tattoo designs machine for creating these colourful Tattoos in the human body. Some of the tribal tattoos might also be very costly as they might be little difficult to design or more intricated and only those people who can manage high price will go for these higher end Tattoos.

                                                         Some small Tattoos can be done with lesser time while other big Tattoos ideas which are also complex and expensive will even take hours to complete. Experts have to be used while going for these Art of Tattoos as sometimes one might also get an infection and allergic reactions to these Tattoos. So one has to be very careful while going for Tattoos.

Things To consider  

Before you get a tattoo, proper time and consideration should be put into your piece to better avoid the chance of feeling contrite. Expeditious tattoos are at the top of the list for tattoo removal, so don’t be so quick to jump the tattoo ideas. Spend some time going over tattoo art styles to narrow down your personal style. With study, you will find that you are drawn to the different manner as you begin to pay attention to body art.

Tattoo In Young Generation

The art of tattoos is generally preferred by young generation today as you see them having Tattoos designs all over the body. It is also slowly catching with older people right now.

                                                      Most of the college going students are becoming more popular by falling on to Tattoos as they perceive like showing these colourful Tattoo designs to all those people watching them.

                                                      Actually, this so-called Tattooing was more in use in Asia which is now extend all over the world. Tattoos art (tattoo design) are nothing but a sort of artwork done using some unfading ink so that these tattoos designs will remain in the body for a long time and will not get eradicate. Though these tattoos will be paining while getting it done, it doesn’t stop any younger students from going towards it. 

                                                      I have a buddy of mine who has gone for this recently and not only him he has also determine his buddies also to go for this. He has beautiful dragon printed on his back and a crocodile on his arms.

Celebrities And Tattoos 

 Tattoos have become very modern thing in these days and when Celebrities like movie stars also goes into these kinds of enjoyment stuff, the younger generation is obvious to follow these. The most unexpected of them all is about the group of seniors going for tattoos in our area! So, Tattoos is not only for juniors but it is also catching up very fast with the older generation people for sure.

Tattoo by Satyam ProArt

This post is about the Tattoo

These are the  Tattoo I recently made, actually these are temporary tattoos and I made it on my own hand just for sake of own enjoyment. I made it by using pen, sketch pen etc.

People and my friends always told me and insist me to make tattoos on his body and whatever the design they told me, I  always try my 100% to make that. I feel very honour when I make tattoos on someone else and I love to make tattoos on others body. Soon I will post some photos of my friend tattoos which I made. I would love to post some of my stuff on my blog.

Some of the tattoos which I recently made.

Maa Tattoo 

tattoo proart by satyam
Tattoo Design

tattoo proart by satyam

Flame Lion Tattoo 

tattoo proart by satyam

Modern Tattoo Design

tattoo proart by satyam

Micheal Jackson Tattoo Art 

tattoo proart by satyam

Love Tattoo 

tattoo proart by satyam


Tattoo font

tattoo proart by satyam

Tattoo Font

tattoo proart by satyam

Dragon Tattoo
dragon tattoo

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